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This is the data privacy policy from Moycor Vic SL. It makes reference to the use of data in the execution of our commercial activities complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016)

Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

The responsible for the processing of personal data is Moycor Vic SL (henceforth Moycor), with tax identification code B59094524 and registered office at 21 Roc Gros, Hostalets de Balenya, 08550, phone number 938821941, electronic address, Moycor is registered in Barcelona Companies Registry, ledger 24011, page 181, and section B65496.

What is the purpose of processing personal data?

In Moycor we collect and use personal data for the following objectives:


Assist all the inquiries from all who interacts with us by contact forms from our website. We only use them for this unique purpose.

Telephone helpline.

Answer by phone all who contacts with us by this method. In order to offer more quality in our service, conversations may be recorded previously informing it to whom we are communicating with.

Staff selection.

Reception of curriculum vitae sent by candidates interested in working with us and personal data management generated for the participation on the recruitment selection process with the objective of analysing the adaptation of the candidate according to the open position or new vacancy. Our criterion is to maintain personal data for a maximum of one year, also from non-selected candidates for good measure that in a short-term an open position or a new position is produced. Nevertheless, in this latter case, we eliminate immediately data if the interested person asks for it.

Customer service.

Register new costumers and additional data that might be generated as a result of commercial relationship with costumers. In the contracting process, essential data is demanded among which banking information needs to be reflected (bank account number) and it will be informed to the banking entity that manages payments (they can only use data for this purpose). Commercial relationship involves other data processing, such as incorporation of data at our accounting entries, invoicing or information for the Tax Administration.

Information of our products and services.

While there is a contractual relationship with costumers, Moycor uses contact data to report own information from this relation, information that, eventually can include references from our products and services, both general or specifically adapted to the features and needs of the costumer.

Other product information.

With the explicit authorization from costumers, once finished the contractual relation, contact data is maintained in order to send advertisements, related with our products and services adapted to characteristics of our customers.  This information is delivered even to non-costumers that either have asked to receive it or have filled our contact form.

Supplier’s data management.

We register and process data from suppliers whom we obtain services or goods. It can be data from people or suppliers who act as self-employed, as well as data from legal representatives from legal entities. We obtain essential data to maintain commercial relation, we allocate it just for this purpose and we make a suitable use for this type of relation.

Video surveillance.

In the access of our facilities it is informed, when the case is given, the existence of surveillance cameras by using the approved signs. Cameras only register images in the points where it is justified, in order to guarantee the security of goods and people. Images are only used for this purpose.

Web users.

Our navigation system and software, which makes possible the functioning of our website, collect data that is ordinary generated in the use of internet protocols. In this category of data there are IP addresses or the names of domains used by the person who connects to the website. This information is not associated to specific users and it is employed with the exclusive aim to obtain statistical information about the use of our website. Our website does not use cookies that allow identification of a specific natural person, user from the site. The use of cookies is reserved to collect technical information to facilitate the efficiency and accessibility of the site.

Other channels to obtain data.

We also obtain data by face-to-face and other channels such as email reception and our profiles on social networks. In all cases, data is only destined to explicit purposes that justify the collection and the processing.

What is the legal legitimization for the data processing?

The data processing that we perform have different legal basis depending on the nature of each processing.

In compliance with a pre-contractual relationship. It is the case of data of possible costumers or suppliers whom we have prior relations to the formalisation of a contractual relation, as the preparation or the study of a budget. It is also the case of data processing of people who have sent their CV or that participate in recruitment processes.

In compliance with a contract relationship. It is the case of relations with our customers, suppliers and all the actuations and uses that these relations involve.

In compliance of legal obligations. Communication of data to the tax administration is stablished by regulatory rules from commercial relations. It can be given the case of having to communicate data to judicial authorities or to law enforcement in accordance with legal standards that oblige to collaborate with these Public Establishments.

As for the consent. When we send information of our products or services we process contact data with receivers’ authorisation or explicit consent.

For legitimate interest. Images we obtain from surveillance cameras are processed for legitimate interest of our company to maintain our goods and facilities. Our legitimate interest justifies also the data processing that we obtain from contact forms.

To whom is data communicated?

As general criterion we only communicate data to administrations or public powers, always in compliance of legal obligations. In the invoice issue to costumers, data can be communicated to banking entities. In justified cases, we will communicate data to security forces or to the competent judicial authorities. Data transfer out of Europe Union (international transference) is not performed.

In other matters, for determined works we obtain services from other companies or professionals who provide their experience and specialisation. In some instances these companies need to access to personal data from our responsibility. It is not a data cession strictly, but an order of processing. Only services from companies who ensure compliance with the data privacy policy regulation are hired. At the contractual moment it is made an agreement of confidentiality and a monitor of their activity. This occurs in cases when we need services of data hosting, IT support and on legal, accounting and tax advice.

How many time do we maintain data?

We comply with the legal obligation to restrict to the fullest the period of data preservation. For this reason, those are maintained just the necessary and justified time for the purpose that motivated the obtaining of it. In certain cases, as for data reflected on accounting documentation and invoicing, tax regulation compels to preserve them until responsibilities in this matter do not expire. In the case of data preceded based on consent of the interested person, it is preserved until this person does not revoke this consent. Images obtained by surveillance cameras are preserved within a maximum time period of one month, although in the case of justified mishaps, images will be preserved the necessary time in order to ease the intervention of security forces or the court.

Which rights do people related with data processing have?

According to the GDPR, people whom we process data have the coming rights

To know if they are processed. Anyone has, in first place, right to know if we process his data, independently if there was a previous relation.

To be informed in data collection. When these personal data are obtained from the same interested, at the moment of providing data, it must have clear information on purposes of which data will be destined of whom the manager of this processing will be, and the remaining aspects derivative from this agreement.

To access. Wide right that includes knowing with precision which personal data are object of processing, which are the purposes of processing, the communications to other people that can be carried out or the right to obtain a copy of it or to know the expected period of conservation.

To request a rectification. It is the right to rectify inaccurate data which are object of our processing.

To request the elimination. In certain circumstances it does exist the right to refuse data when, among other reasons, those are no longer necessary for the purposes that those were collected with justified treatment.

To request the limits of processing. Also in certain circumstances it is recognized the right to ask limitation of data processing. In this case, those data will stop being processed but being preserved for the exercise or defence of complaints in accordance with GDPR.

Portability. In certain cases regulation recognises the right of receiving personal data concerning to you in a structured, commonly used and machine- readable format and to transmit those data to another controller in case it is decided for the interested person.

Object data processing. Someone can object on grounds relating to particular situations, hence those motives will imply the cease of processing someone’s personal data in the degree that this can involve damages, excluding the case for legitimate motives or the exercise or defence in response a complaint.

To stop receiving commercial information. We will immediately deal with requests for us to stop sending commercial information to all who previously authorized us to do it.

How can you exercise your rights?

Previously listed rights can be exercised by addressing a request form written to Moycor Vic SL to the postal address 21 Roc Gros, Hostalets de Balenya 08550 or by sending an email to, in every case indicating “Personal data Privacy”.

If you do not obtain a satisfactory answer in the exercise of your rights it is possible to present a complaint on the Spanish Data Privacy Agency by forms or other accessible channels through their site