With the acquired experience after more of 40 years in the field of furniture and decoration, in MOYCOR we know the importance of quality and price on a product.

Hence, in Moycor we work on designing, producing and spreading our products, and carrying out an accurate control in each of our departments, by considering new ideas but at the same time preserving the authenticity and essence of the colonial furniture from a more contemporary view. It is this combination that causes our products to make all the difference on the market

For that matter, each year we attend the most distinguished both national and international exhibitions, where we offer the latest trends, colors, materials, and a wide range of models and collections that mix innovation and tradition. They are versatile, so they can adapt to all decorative ranges and places without losing elegance and artisan essence.

We desire that in our website you will find all the inspiration you need by going through the design, quality and functionality of our products.

Dirección de contacto

Roc Gros, 21 –  08550 Hostalets de Balenya
Tel: 93 882 19 41 – Fax: 93 882 19 42